It`s more than just a buzzword, it`s the new way of doing business.

Green Design:

Bell/Knott & Associates is commited to making our projects as sustainable as possible. While we recognize that not every project will receive LEED certification (though as a member of the US Green Building Council we can help with that), we believe that every project can be green in some way. By adhering to the following guidelines, we are working towards a more sustainable future.

Integrated Design:

By working closely with all disciplines in a team approach, we are able to integrate the building systems and the site design into a comprehensive whole where each system supports the others.

Construction Practices:

By working with the project contractor(s) we are able to create a jobsite that creates less waste, recycles old materials, and does less damage to the environment.

Material Selection:

Bell/Knott & Associates is continually working with manufacturers to keep our library updated with the latest sustainable materials. As more and more manufacturers work toward closed loop manufacturing, you can be sure that we will be specifying their products.

 UMB Bank is LEED Silver certified.