NBH Regional Corporate Headquarters

National Bank Holdings commissioned Bell/Knott to design the company headquarters as well as their flagship retail branch of their newly acquired Community Bank of Colorado. The client group wanted the space to reflect a very modern aesthetic, breaking free from the old image of a financial organization. They also wanted some warm tones to avoid creating a sterile space with an ultra-modern approach. The last request was to incorporate some features of the local, mountain architecture. The design team responded by developing a theme of “Contemporary Regionalism” and utilized following elements: predominant use of whites and beiges, glulam beams and wood ceiling clouds, stone veneer, use of curves for gracefulness and simple, uncluttered layout to maintain contemporary feel. The programming of the offices was complicated, as both Community Banks of Colorado and NBH were in need of office suites. This resulted in a separation corridor that displays artwork on one side, while giving views into one of the suites on the other. Timber beams running across the ceiling warms the space, making it feel like a Colorado lodge.