Cavern Technologies Underground Data Center

Currently under construction, expected completion 2015.  The project included development of a green field Cave space in Lenexa Kansas, with new operations center, new office space of 12,000 sq. ft., new Data center space of 60,000 sq. ft. and new fully redundant with back-up utility infrastructure. Also included was preliminary shell space for 45,000 sq. ft. of data center space for the future.


The site was originally an abandoned underground limestone quarry. The structure consisted for hardened Masonry exterior walls with a layout optimized for the existing limestone piers and columns. An image of durability and modernity was required by the client. An additional complication was the need to accommodate clients during the construction phase. This necessitated a flexible design that allowed the team to stage the activation of the built-up space.


Dual Transformers were set by the utility and were then banked with 5 Generators and 12 DX fan-coil units to provide N+1 redundancy. Also provided were A & B service panels to provide fully redundant utility service.